Instrumental Beats

The sun is my mother and the moon is my father.

Figub Brazlevič is a Berlin-based beat producer and a talented member of the new generation of HipHop beatmakers. Drawing inspiration from various music styles like jazz, soul, funk and blues, Figub has been releasing music for the last sixteen years. His beats are a chase for the groove, propelled by thumping drums and swinging percussion.

Growing up in the Golden Era influenced him a lot and is mirrored in his music: he always shows his respect to a time that largely defined the music he loves and makes. Expect a bass-driven mixture of classic Hip Hop and fresh new sounds, synthetic and sampled: not tied down a specific musical genre but open to any and all inspiring influences.
His stage experience ranges from solo performances and supporting DJ’s to on-stage collaborations accompanied by live bands.

Figub Brazlevič works solo but is also part of Man Of Booom, Oldschool Future Tribe, MoonTroop, Krekpek, Oddsupply and Sichtexot.

Beside this projects he is working and has re- and unreleased stuff together with many different rappers from all over the world like Rikki Stricker (singer), Teknical Development (Obba Supa), JuJu Rogers, Gavlyn, Poetic Death, Rasco, Keno, Chefket, Karate Andi, Schwesta Ewa, SSIO, Kemp, ChillxWill, Demograffics, Bico,3Plusss, Ono, Pitvalid, Mortis One, Olexesh, Celo & Abdi, Kurdo, Flowin Immo, Spax, MC Rene, Dennis Da Menace, Terra Pete, Main Moe, Skor83, Scienz Of Life, Freshface, Plusmacher, Dephjoe, Funkverteidiger, Pierre Sonality (Sendemast), Rino Mandingo, Steven Egal, Modenine, Soulcat E-5, Nico Suave and more.