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  • the-black-opera The Black Opera – May/June - The Black Opera is Rap’s first Performing Arts group. The group is comprised of well known artists who have chosen to hide their identities for the sake of making the following statement: Art is all that matters. The Black Opera’s creative collective has roots from Nigeria, Uganda, Madagascar, France and the United States. Thriving on […]
  • Smif-n-Wessun SMIF N WESSUN – May/June - The dynamic duo of Tek and Steele known as, Smif N’ Wessun, are survivors of the game of hip-hop. Their street slick rhymes, personal chemistry, and ability to trade the mic smoother than a Hennie and Coke, are a testament to team work. With a fast break into success, legal trouble that forced a brief […]
  • bigdaddykane BIG DADDY KANE – May - Big Daddy Kane is a Brooklyn, New York M.C. who undisputedly defined the term “lyricist” in the world of hip-hop. Along with the lyrical ingenuity he brought to the genre, he also introduced innovative live performances as well. Kane was the first rapper to ever hold not one but two sold out shows at the […]
  • buttering-trio BUTTERING TRIO – May - We were never born. Killing it everyday Buttering Trio is consisting of KerenDun, Rejoicer and Beno Hendler/GymBass. from the press - This particular Berlin/Tel Aviv connection crafts densely layered and sophisticated nu soul not a million miles away from Quadron, Georgia Anne Muldrow or Little Dragon. At the same time, these aural treats are not […]

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