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  • elzhi2 ELZHI, GUILTY SIMPSON & PHAT KAT “THE ALL MADDEN TOUR” – November/December - GUILTY SIMPSON Happily married Hip-Hop Artist. R.I.P Dilladog, Big Proof, and Baatin. I don’t need beats. thatsimpsonguy313@gmail.com for features tho. No fee, no me. ELZHI Jason Powers better known as Elzhi is an American rapper from Detroit, Michigan. Known to many Underground fans as “Detroit’s Best Kept Secret”, he is a former member of Slum […]
  • ra-rugged-man Ra The Rugged Man – November/December - R.A. The Rugged Man Few artists are ever as controversial as they are influential. New York legend R.A. the Rugged Man has lived up to such a moniker by simultaneously inspiring generations of rappers while being banned from every major record label’s offices and even barred from performing during the late-90s underground explosion. But by […]
  • BLACK-MOON-CHAMPION-SOUNDZ-LIVE-BAND BLACK MOON & CHAMPION SOUNDZ LIVE BAND “ENTA DA STAGE” Anniversary Tour – November/December - Black Moon is an American hip hop group, composed of members Buckshot, 5 ft and DJ Evil Dee (of Da Beatminerz). The group was most notable for their debut album Enta da Stage, and their affiliation with the Boot Camp Clik. Black Moon (backronymed as Brothers who Lyrically Act and Combine Kickin Music Out On […]
  • AkuaNaru-OverheadFist-2-PromoPic AKUA NARU – November - Having begun writing and performing rhymes as a young girl, the New Haven, CT (USA) born Akua Naru, began crafting in her early years what would later reveal to be a great talent for profound lyricism and extraordinary musical performances. Known as a traveler, as chronicled throughout her Jan. 2011 debut release, The Journey Aflame, […]

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