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  • Masta-Ace-Marco-Polo MASTA ACE & MARCO POLO – Jan/Feb - MASTA ACE Legendary emcee Masta Ace has announced the release of his next album The Falling Season for May 13th. To be released via M3 Records/hhv.de this will be his first official album release in over ten years, though story-wise it can be considered a companion to his MA Doom (2012) project. That previous project […]
  • Blabber BLABBERMOUF – Feb/Apr (Any time) - BLABBERMOUF The dutch emcee BlabberMouf stepped into the arena of rap in 2003. At that time he wrote his first rhymes and was mostly hanging out in the park, cyphering with his crew Het VerZet. Lyrically throwing clever metaphors and speed burst punchlines grown from unadulterated funk, Mr. Fast Forward can be found as a […]
  • Sa-Roc+Promo+2 SA-ROC – March/April - SA-ROC Assata Perkins (born December 28, 1981), known professionally as Sa-Roc, is an American rapper. In 2016, she became only the second female rapper to sign with the Rhymesayers label. Sa-Roc was born in Southeast, Washington, D.C. on December 28, 1981. As a teenager, she was a student at City of Peace, an organization devoted […]
  • homeboy-sandman-veins Homeboy Sandman – March - Homeboy Sandman is New York City’s premier talent based hip hop musician. Mainstream. Underground. Period. His last release ”The Good Sun,” reached #1 on CMJ’s national music chart, and appeared on countless 2010 year end lists, (including HipHopDX’s Top 25, #2 on Real Late’s Top 30 on Hot 97.1 FM, and #1 on Billy Jam’s […]

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