DJ Revolution

A DJ like Revolution is hard to find these days – he’s got the skills precise and on point like only very few others, he’s got the taste, he knows Hip Hop and all that goes with it and beyond, and most of all, he’s got the feeling for the crowd. There is no party that he cannot turn into madness on the dancefloor, and you better believe that.
DJ Revolution – most definately a true master on the turntables!

About DJ Revolution:
I’ve been into cutting edge music since I was a kid. Whoever was creating the most interesting sounds or using the newest innovative technology to make big records is who had my attention. This interest eventually grew into a passion for me around age 11 or so. I was living with my grandfather at the time cuz I was too much of a little shit for my single mom to handle. My granddad, who among other things was a master electrician, saw how interested in music I was at that early age and he did a few things that would change my life forever.