Philly Sounds Tour – part I

I really wish I could keep a daily log of happenings on this tour but we are literally running from place to place nonstop with little or no break. Plus there has been a lot of bullshit in the meantime. Where do I start?

First of all, our gig in Bucharest was a freakin circus. From the 8 hour wait at the Vienna airport for our incorrectly booked flight, to the crappy hotel the promoter booked which ran out of running water to the next hotel resembling a murder scene in which me and Jag ended up going to take showers, the entire experience was something I’d like to forget soon. I mean, no one on this tour is a diva believe it or not. But no running water at the hotel?!?!? Even though the promoter showed very little concern for us and even argued with Bahamadia outside the venue, we still chalked it up, did an extremely professional job and gave the audience in Romania exactly what they paid for; an amazing show. Immediately following the show, we headed to the airport which was a final nail in the coffin that was our trip to Bucharest. The entire airport was like a Chuckie Cheese on the busiest Saturday afternoon of the year. People everywhere, no order, everyone bumping us, stepping on feet, some girl fainted, people were throwing up, and none of the staff seemed to have any idea where we were supposed to go to catch our flight to Paris. It was a miracle that we made it out of that city on time. Unbelievable…