Ty from London has always been one of our UK’s favorites – he has a unique flow along with a unique voice that at least we ve never forgotten ever since we heard him rap on a mixtape in the mid 90s. Matter of fact, this guy is more than the whole package – he has a perfect musical understanding, always invites and does top choice features, and his live performances leave nothing to wish for. He just released his 4th album on BBE Records, and needless to say, we love it. Let’s quote from his bio: 2010 now presents a rapper determined to remedy hip-hop from the facade of pop commercialism, equally keen to steer it towards a promising future. His fourth album is released through BBE Records and features Erik Rico, Roses Gabor, rapper Sway, Carroll Thompson, Terri Walker, Soweto Kinch and Basement Jaxx songstress Vula amongst others. Of his new album, Ty stated: “I want this album to be a time stamp of black music history that is not compromised by the current climate in the UK, and that is welcoming of all backgrounds and cultures without cutting itself into pieces to fit into a box it doesn’t belong in.”
And if you want to see him perform just this music live, this is where you need to go see him.

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